Monday, April 13, 2009

i need a camera

i want to take good pictures SO BAD. I wish i had the right utilities or the money to purchase such things.... AGH i keep seeing all these wonderful pictures and thinking that I want to be doing something like that! hmmph. So now I have a challenege for you. All of you. Young and old. Get on craigslist and help me find a smashing good deal on a good camera;] haha thanks love ya!

Okay okay you don't have to find me a deal on craigslist for a camera.... but i still want one super duper duper badly.. so i am going to start saving and maybe hinting to kyle... and mayyyybe something will come of this.. Ive GOT tah get one! I'm dying here! [because then at least once I have the camera, i won't be able to blame my terrible pictures on my camera they will be me through and through:)]

Happy late Easter to all! talk about the best time of the year! What a chance to celebrate the two best things that ever hapened on this planet (spring colors and candy duh! just kidding sheeeeesh) No, really though I love Easter and I am so grateful for the chance we have to celebrate not only the Resurrection of Christ, but his birth asa well. Did anyone ever know the Christ was born on April 6th?? I had NO idea! thanks for teaching me so much Kyle!

I know I am sure grateful for all He did for me. Thank GOODNESS for the Lord!

p.s. runningthroughhoney... who are you?? i am DYING to figure this out and I feel so retarded doing so but I gotta know who you are because I am apparently RETARDED.


Merrill and Mary said...

Hey Girl... I know the feeling with camera... I so want a new lens but it costs like 800-1000 dollars so that will have to wait for sure... Feel free once you get one to call me and I can go over stuff with you too. Could you do me a favor and email me... I have a favor to ask. Thanks Mary

Liz said...

I was trying to figure out "running through honey" too. They follow my blog too. Who knows us both?

J&&K said...

liz i have NO idea! im going nutters hahaha! oh well one day we might find out! who knows?? and mary? i emailed ya just lemme know what is up

greatgoogamooga said...

This is kind of funny. :P It is I, Melissa...tall singing weird Melissa. haha. :)