Friday, April 17, 2009

life threatening mistakes

[sorry for the serious boobage in these pix.. just got em off the internet. man some girls love to show their chests dont they??]

who knew that something spur of the moment could turn out so devastating?? Here's the diggity:

I've been wanting to cut my hair for a while now... i just get bored and haircuts are an easy way to mix things up a bit... so i've been looking at styles for a few days now and i finally settled on a mixture..... i wanted something between this:
and this:
and this:
and this:

Little did I know that if i attempted these all HELL would break loose.

So.. I went to supercuts [mistake number uno-- people work at SuperCuts because nowhere else would take them!]

And showed the stylist what I wanted... [mistake numero dos-- bring a clear and precise picture of what you want or else they come up with something COMPLETELY different in their mind!]

she washed it and didn't even massage my head [mistake numbero tres--never EVER go somewhere where they don't even massage your HEAD!]

She then proceeded to cut and cut WAAY shorter than I asked [mistake uno again]

And needed further and further instruction of what i wanted

and worst of all [service wise] she didnt even dry or style my hair! she sent me out WET. how rude. I can't believe i even tipped this woman!

and last but seriously not least. She didn't even cut it even! i have one chunk on my left side that is longer than the rest of my hair! [had she dried and styled my hair she wouldve noticed that and fixed it! but nooooo]

so now i am in need of a hair savior.. i will probably just call my mom and have her cut that chunk but i am totally in hair bummage.. all i wanted was a new bit of variety and it failed miserably...

ive also learned that though i crave a wash and wear style my hair and the styles i like are not possible for that at ALL. for this style alone im going to have to straighten my new and ridicuously retarded bangs every day or pin them to my scalp.

i hate bad haircuts. this SUCKS.

P.S. the thought that i could pull off a Jessica Simpson of Hayden P hairstyle is just retarded.... I shouldve thought smarter.

sorry for my venting.. it was rude of me to complain so much but hey, it sucked pretty bad.

one day when i have the guts to go out in public again i will show you a pic of the new do... but probably not until it grows back out ;)


Inside A Book said...

I HATE bad haircuts too! There is so much of ourselves and our identities wrapped up in our hair!! You are right though, you want what we think is care-free hair but they are NOT effortless.

Do you want the number of my hair stylist, Nikki Cowley? She might be able to redeem it and then keep it maintained while it can grow into something you will like. Let me know. She is open on Saturdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I want to get in and have her do my color this next week - maybe next Friday or Saturday.

I am SO sorry! Hang in there - - Love ya!

Domanique said...

Oh Jennie! I am so sorry, I completely agree! Our hair is who we are. I remember my best haircut came from one of those super horrible experiences, I also did the great clips thing. Never again, I went crying to another stylist to get it fixed. But ever since then I have wanted to do hair so that no one would have to go through what I went through. (sad story) but it's true. I hope things work out for you and I bet you look better than you think! xoxo

Merrill and Mary said...

I had the same thing happen to me... I got to Mindi Huston and she is great.... hair cuts are only 12 bucks and color is aroud 30 or 40... I just love goig to her...

Plus she worked in a salon and has style.

PS could you help me out with a wedding shoot on 6/08? I just want someone to tag along and help out with the bride? Would you be interested?

beckaboots said...

I go to courtnEy at B.B. Harrington's on alma school and elliot. She is great and will listen to what you want. I have a few of her cards and I will give you one the next time we double (which may be this weekend in a triple with shauna and aaron? but kendall and I are moving this week so maybe not...)
Anyways, maybe we can have a girl's night and try some hairstyles that may reduce the awfulness of it all. Let me know!