Wednesday, May 13, 2009


My second grade class went on a field trip today to the Desert Botanical Gardens.

It started out a bit like this...
[L trying to "eat" his pencil for the camera]
I started getting bored with my camera...
[my autistic student's nobby ball && waterbottle]

[one of the student's name plates]

Finally we got on the road. [lucky for us our bus had A/C. Lucky for you, I didn't take any pictures of the screamers on the ride over]

It was beautiful and smelled like the desert! [#2 best smell out there]

It was HOT. I am officially sunburnt
[photo via Crackedanimations]

I [being the genius that I am forgot to put sunscreen on my chest and now I have a nice red area there [and only there mind you.]

BUUUUT, nonetheless we still had fun!

We went to the butterfly pavilion where my kids then joined in on the metamorphosis and became....

We also learned the coolest fact in the entire world!

Shellac plants make desert rain smell so good. When they are wet, their aroma spreads across the valley and leaves a nice pleasant scent.[aka the #1 best smell out there] [Now PLEASE somebody use this to make a perfume called rain!]

We ended hot && tired && ready for lunch. But overall it was fun!
[The guardrails over the "stream" under our bridge]

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