Wednesday, May 6, 2009

If Wishes Were Fishes We'd All Cast Our Lines!

[pardon the ridiculous amounts of pictures... it just tells the story easier this way..]
For the parent volunteer luncheon today I was assigned the task of decorating && entertainment. && so, I turned to the only experience I have of decorating: MY WEDDING. With that, I can tell you EXACTLY what the centerpieces looked like.

Photo by nikaela curtis && mary jordan photographies

I picked up those lovely, smelly fish last night [ALL 60 of them!] && within an hour of having them home, I had lost 2 or 3...
After the water in their tank set out for an hour, I dumped the fish in here && let them roam togetherBy this morning?? about 20 of these buggers had decided that this world just wasn't meant for them && were floating throughout the tank... [amazingly enough most had sunk to the bottom instead of floating to the top... which is waay weird because I always thought the dead ones went up not down...]
notice the dudes just stuck to the bottom... yeah.. they're dead.
&& so... I had to then send these fishies to.. well... fishie heaven of course! By means of none other than....dun duh duh duuuuunnnn! The toilet! Man it was hectic getting those dead fish out of the tanks! And I thought the live ones were hard to get out!! But luckily I got them all, and they were flushed off to their fishie heavengoodbye fishiesss!!!
&& then of course, I had to transport all the live fish 20 miles to my work... && there was no way I could lug that tank full of water... so fish went into pots...

&& trifle dishes...
&& several other places! It was ridiculous.

Once it got to luncheon time, I then had to transport the fishies [with the help of my strong students] and the trifle dishes, and the rocks and everything else I had for set up to the cafeteria!

Luckily, I did not have to bring these suckers back home! We decided to give the little buggers away as door prizes at the luncheon!

Now it is on the new owners heads for upkeep and smell!

Kyle sure is glad we didn't have to keep any! He is going crazy with the one fish we DO have! [good ole beta brotha names SPIKE]

I'm just so glad everything is over! parent volunteer luncheon DONE. English 101 FINISHED. PSYCH 101 final next week && then completed. 2nd grade finished on the 21st!

Excerpts from my Eng 101 essay about organic foods
Morsels from the Mothers Day program on Friday [okay, okay more like lumps]
Possible book ideas.... :]

Oh.. By the way...

We rode the short bus to ELP on tuesday...
[Haha ELP going on the short bus.. sounds a bit ironic don't you think??]
Did you know they have seat belts on that thing??


beckaboots said...

That is a pretty crazy fishy day you had! I can't believe you got soo many of them! haha

Inside A Book said...

I always wondered where fishie heaven was!! You always buried yours in the backyard and looked up into the sky not down into the toilet!! Love ya - thanks for helping my failing eyesight!!