Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Night of Mayhem

We tripled with Kevin && Heather && Dan && Liz tonight!
highlights of our adventures:

*went to Organ Stop Pizza [Kyle && Dan had never been there]
*Kyle thought it was OREGON TRAIL Pizza.
*Then I told him it was ORGAN STOP && he still thought it was oregon stop:]
*Dan works for Mesa High School Seminary so we "broke" into the building and played the wii on the projector screen [I hardly believe you can count this as breaking in. We had the key && we were "testing it out" to make sure that it would work for his students for the last week of school]
*we played lots with Kevin && Heather's little boy Preston [Mr. P for short]
He was oogles of fun until he had to sit with me && got cranky. thank goodness I'm not a mom yet [or plan to be anytime soon] if my baby cried while I was holding him and I couldn't figure out why I would be crying with him && telling Kyle I'm a terrible mother I can't even keep my baby from crying! -- but luckily this is Heather's kid so I can just say to myself, well I'm not mommy so he is probably just not used to meI love hanging out wiht Dan && Liz && Kevin && Heather! They are some of my favorite people! There is never any drama, everyone gets along, it's a totally chill environment, I'm never bored, && there's always something to talk about [never those awkward silences between the wives that don't know one another very well haha]!

I hope we can hang out with them more often! it is just so fun!

2 more wedding photos:


Liz said...

Wow girl--you are quick! I thought I should write about that, and then I got sucked into catching up on others' blog (since I am terrible at it). Well done, you even got some pictures. It was a great night!

Merrill and Mary said...

of course you can give her my eamil...

Take care

Liz said...

PS. I totally stole your pictures and put them on our blog too. I hope they weren't copyrighted! ;)

beckaboots said...

Organ stop is awesome! i haven't been there in years. that sounds like you had a lot of fun :)