Sunday, May 24, 2009

P. McC

I have this friend named Kyle
[not my husband this time]
Who used to always say my Dad looked like
Paul McCartney[here.]
It took me a long time to believe it...
But sometimes
I can see the resemblances...Now all P. McC needs is some glasses!
Could it be true?? My dad is really P. McC??

That'd be amazing.

I love to sing.

in the car....[here.]
in the shower....
amazingly enough in front of him....


I hate choirs.[here.]
I hate being told how to sing.

&& being criticized beyond reason.


I do love a good acoustic song.
[this one isn't the best..
but it's a decent cover of my favorite acoustic song

That's not the only type I love.

Anything that you can actually hear true voices is

I wish I could really sing.

I can yell in the car.
I can crack in the shower.
I wish my voice could thrive.

So all you ladies && gents out there that
fantastic voices:

Be grateful.
Because there are some of us out there who


greatgoogamooga said...

oh whatever, girl! You have a great voice! Be proud and let it be heard in the car, in the shower, or wherever else you want to belt it out!

beckaboots said...

I agree- your voice is just great- it doesn't have to be perfect! I've been in institute choir for the last semester and they are not critical at all. No individuals are even pointed out, only sections and only when in dire should take it with me next semester so you can BELT IT OUT!