Sunday, June 21, 2009

4 MONTHS!!!!... yesterday....

We celebrated our 4 month anniversary yesterday.

With a well-needed vacation out of this heat!

Drove to my favorite place in the world....
[wait for it.... wait for it!...]

[don't you DARE dog on this native]

In celebration of Father's Day and in memory of Jase,
my mother's side of the family came together for a BBQ!
Grandparents flew in from Texas, aunts and uncles from NM and Kansas!
This was the PLACE TO BE!

It was wonderful.
I love spending time with my family
&& I love being in Tucson![That is four generations right there. Gpa, Mom, Paul, && Hero]

We had Elk burgers,
Took LOTS of pictures, [yay!]
Talked with grandma && grandpa enough that we left with
suthurn axssants

We indulged in EEGEES[only the most amazing restaurant in the state of Arizona]

Slept in hotel beds
[Nothing compares to my water-bed that I love!]

&& we went to the cemetery to say hello to our dear Jase.
[It was his birthday today. 25. quarter of a century.]

We told funny stories
We told sad stories

We shared pictures of the wedding.
We took new pictures to add to our albums.

I am so grateful for traditions.
To have things that tie me back to my history,
&& to my beloved family.

I'm grateful for things that I love && am passionate about.
We took flowers to Jase today && it was wonderful to know that he loved roses so much.
I hope that people remember things like that about me one day....
[i like daisies btw ]

We also took pictures like these on the way down:]now our 4 months is forever documented
[thank you internet!]

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Tarah said...

Happy 4 month anniversary!