Monday, June 15, 2009

Live A Little, Read A Little.

The great Joseph Brodsky once said,
"There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them."

I love to read.

I have ever since I was a little girl.

Even before I could read, I would take the story books from my brothers [when they were trying to read to me] && tell them my own story with them.

I skipped grades because of my reading abilities.

I don't read as often as I should anymore.. && it makes me sad.

I am so grateful for my book loving parents.
Who have trained me well in books.

I love their room filled with several bookcases-- each filled to the BRIM with good books.

I am grateful that they are willing to share those books with me, && sometimes even let me keep them.

I am grateful for weekly trips to Bookmans, to trade in the books we bought that kinda sucked for new ones that have amazing potential.

I am grateful for the best tradition with my mom. The one where if we go INTO the bookstore we always walk out with at least one book:]
[I hope I can keep that tradition with my kids]

I love trading books. Sharing what books I love with others.

I love falling so much in love with a book that you stay up all night until it's finished.

Kyle doesn't like books :[
But I have learned that he enjoys me reading to him.
&& so I have learned to love to read to Kyle:]

One day [hopefully somewhere in the new future] I want to get several bookcases for my bedroom and have them full of books I love. I have a ridiculously long master bedroom where I have the perfect reading nook envisioned. I hope this dream can come true. It would be amazing.

I love to love to read!


Heather said...

so have you finnished any of mine? id kyle still iking "the travelers gift"

Heather said...

wow... what a day! i am so out of it i cant even spell! ...... sorry...

beckaboots said...

I am implementing your tradition into my family. SERIOUSLY! That way, I can make myself buy a book without any help! Because usually I end up spending an hour or more at the bookstore and then I end up leaving empty handed because I change my mind and decide it's not worth the risk!
This is an excellent plan.... we should trade books too. And plan out which rooms we will make into libraries in our houses!