Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Not Your Average Wife

I'm curious...
[curious-er than I should be]

I check my phone even when it hasn't rung

I hate shaving.

My dream self is always make-up-less
[yet awesomely flawless]

I love to exercise when it doesn't make me wheeze
[I'll take kick boxing/mui tai over running any day of the week]

I love to eat 2 large pieces of pie
[after I just exercised...]

I am addicted to taking photographs,&& would love to take it to the professional level

[but have no idea what I really want to be when I "grow up"]

I'm a read-aholic.[but sometimes, I just don't want to even look at books]

I can't wear nail polish on my fingers
It will be chipped or picked off within an hour of painting them

I long for something to care for.
[that will give me interaction back more than a beta fish can]
{a puppy would be nice}

I have to make lists for myself
to make sure I do something productive during the day

I think laundry is the most
[[WRETCHED]] chore out there.

I love the idea of forever ongoing education
I completely see myself with a bachelors degree in something,
still at school, completeing my masters or a second bachelors,
[[just because I can]]{&& then going on, to have a career in something completely different
than what my degrees are in!}

Just another average girl in this ordinary world??

Think Again.



Merrill and Mary said...

I know... I can't keep following her blog... I think I have a crush on her... she is to cute for her own good and I can't afford to be wanting to be like someone else... I have to much of me to be... So while I do love her style... I do hope to give it my own twist... so I had to unsubscribe from her blog to keep my evil green monster at bay

beckaboots said...

Ongoing Education? I can't wait to finish school and be done. ha. And yet, maybe I can see your point... just a little.
And Kyle needs to buy you a puppy. ASAP :)

Tarah said...

You long to care for something???? Babies maybe? Haha!