Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday Secrets

So I've decided to participate in this Tuesday Tell All...
But since it isn't Tuesday, I guess I will call it Saturday Secrets.
I'm doing the same one Heather is doing because, well she has already done the topic so I can be lazy && not have to look it up:]

Today's secret is SIGHT:

Honestly, my views on sight have changed greatly. Even in the past few days they have changed!
When I was younger when asked "if you had to be blind or deaf what would you be?" I would always respond with "blind." Always.

Music has always been a big factor for me. It has left impressions. It has, in some ways, changed my life.
I love noises. Water, laughter, stupidity. Noise can make or break situations. Those awkward silences, that daughter's tone, that baby's gurgle.
I need white noises. Even in the dead of winter, I want the fan on. It helps me fall asleep.
If you can't hear, you can't watch movies.[without subtitles]
You can't listen to music.
You can't recognize voices...
That would be so hard for me.

As you can tell, I'm nuts about hearing.

But my friend Heather pointed out something amazing.


Now that I focus on sight, I realize the amazing benefits of it!
Without sight, there are no pictures. No ability to remember old memories, old friends, lost [yet never forgotten] loved ones.
As you know, I am a photography wannabe && photo addict.
I love the ability to capture emotion && save it for eternity.
I love that life is so colorful.
I love to see smiles.
&& tears.
I love stupid faces
&& sad.
Because with the fun,
comes the hard.
I am grateful for glasses.
They make my world a much clearer place to be.
They make the ability to see so much better!
I realize that my eyes already have a hard time seeing things well [if at all]
&& I pray that in the end I will never lose my sight.
I don't think I could handle that.


So, ask me again which I would pick??

I think I'm pretty satisfied with how blessed I am to hav
e both my sight && my hearing. So I will stick with what I've got instead of dwelling on the idea of being without it.

I think I might go && volunteer at an assisted living home with all this time off....
I think I might go && work with those lovely grandmas && grandpas that have lost their sight && remind them what color is like.
I might even write some poems telling them all about it...
This summer just might be my opportunity to give back to such a giving world.

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