Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Smell Ya Later!


Smells can be so amazing. One whiff of a particular scent can send you spinning into a world of memories, of happiness, of nausea.

I have lists and lists of smells that bring comfort.
Smells that bring back good memories.
Smells that bring back awkward memories. bad memories...
Scents can take you back in time.
Scents can ease pain, create peace.

Shellac is a plant out in the desert. When it is wet it leaves the most AMAZING aroma. It is the smell of desert rain. I wish someone could bottle that && turn it into a perfume!

The smell of wet dirt on the hot Arizona asphalt is the best smell ever. Aside from Kyle, that smell is why I came back to AZ:] In the city where you can't smell that beautiful desert rain, you instead are blessed with this amazing aroma. Sadly, Utah doesn't smell good when it rains.. It just rains. See? There are good things about Arizona;]

My top 10 favorite smells:
  1. Arizona city rain.
  2. Arizona desert rain. [there is a difference]
  3. Kyle's hair after a recent shower
  4. Dr. Pepper [it takes me back to 6th grade when I had Dr.P lip gloss that I loved]
  5. Fresh cut grass
  6. bookstores [barnes&&noble in particular]
  7. Hot laundry straight out of the dryer
  8. Sensual Amber [from b&bw. Takes me back in time]
  9. Diet Pepsi [it smells like my Aunt Dena's house at Thanksgiving time]
  10. Football Players [It may stink to you, but that's what my life smelled like in high school when I was fb student trainer.]

I love smells. What a way to capture a memory.

I am so jealous of my best friend who has such a good nose she can catch a whiff of perfume and tell you what it is.
She's like Ms. Frizzle in the Magic School Bus Takes a Stink when She has to guess the concoction of smells!


beckaboots said...

Funny. Sensual Amber takes me back in time as well...unfortunately I had to give it away because it always brought me back to unpleasant memories.
Smells and Sounds effect me the most. Sometimes I love it and sometimes I have to put the sound on mute or throw away certain cds.

Aimee, Josh & Mylee Jensen said...

Thanks! He will look into it :)

Catie said...

:) What can I say? My nose is amazing. :) And I LOVE the last one on your list of favorite smells. Haha, strange how we enjoy it.