Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sounds to Remember


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Sound is what makes the world go round.
I am an addict for white noises. -- the computer running, the washer washing, the fan.
[[I can't sleep without them]]

I love music.
The ability to create a new language with a guitar, a violin, a trumpet.
[[Call me a band geek if you'd like.]]

I would be so sad to never hear again.
Movies aren't as good without the CRASH && BANG && ZOOM!

My cousin && one of my best friends passed away when I was a freshman in High School. It was extremely hard on the whole family, && still brings us to tears from time to time. We had hundreds upon hundreds of pictures of Jase. And we always have one around the house to remember his face. But his voice seemed to be fading from us. It almost felt as if we werent remembering Jase.. just recognizing his face. About a year ago, a friend of his dad's found a video... It had Jase hunting. Jase moving. It had Jase talking.
Hearing Jase's voice immortalized him. Reminded us that he was still with us even if we didn't know it. It was really amazing what a gift that was. [[You can learn more about Jase, my hero && great friend at]]

I am so grateful for sound. It makes the world complete as I see it. Absolutely wonderful.

10 sounds to remember
1. Kyle's voice
2.Mom & Dad's voices
3. Granparent's voices [[all 6 gma && gpa V, Gma && Gpa Tinsley, && Gma Ann && Gpa bob]]
4. music plunking at the piano
6. Kyle's laugh
7. My brothers' laughter together
8. My nieces talking
9. Baby Jase's giggles
10. rain on concrete

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