Saturday, July 25, 2009

A List of My Own...

A good friend got me thinking a while back about creating a bucket-list. She's always on top of things like this and is such a go and do kind of girl... which I am quite jealous of because more often than not, I am more of a sit and stew-er... But she has motivated me this time.. to create a list of things I dream to do before I "kick the bucket"

1. be a mommy [one day]
2. graduate college
3. have a successful business
4. publish a book
5. attend a temple session in every temple
6. serve a mission
7. read the entire Book of Mormon
8. Read the entire Book of Mormon in chronological order
9. learn sign language
10. try out for American Idol
11. Write a song
12. take a ballroom dance class
13. sew a quilt
14. take an excellent picture
15. Have a library in my house
16. paint a beautiful picture
17. grow a garden
18. create/write a recipe
19. master the hymns for the piano
20. do temple work for my family
21. ride a gondola
22. run 5 miles without stopping
23. attend a major sporting event [i.e. superbowl... olympics..]
24. skydive
25. bungee jump
26. donate my hair [that requires staying away from bleach :P]
27. study nursing [even if i don't ever use it]
28. swim with dolphins
29. go to the sacred grove in all seasons
30. adopt or foster a child
31. volunteer at a retirement home
32. name a star
33. go to NYC*
34. take a kick boxing class
35. get my insurance license
36. bake a cake from scratch
37. learn family history
38. have 15 minutes [or more] of fame
39. sell something on etsy
40. donate my organs [that will have to be AFTER I kick the bucket.. but I want to nonetheless]

Do you have any other ideas?
I would like to eventually reach 50 or higher...
But I want obtainable goals.. Not, "become rich and famous and have a hit record"

Lemme know if you can think of anything worth living for;]

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Merrill and Mary said...

first... I think you should totally paint the piano! You will have to post pictures if you do... love the list! You are so fun