Monday, July 27, 2009

a love note

Dear husband

I appreciate the fact that you're grateful for the cookies I made you.

I appreciate the fact that you'll let me waste my day away reading, but not vegging out on One Tree Hill episodes

I am a little sad that you got to spend big $ on that boardgame when I wanted to buy that vinyl and paint [but I am excited to see what makes this game so amazing to you.]

I think it's hilarious that you asked to use the bathroom first even though you know I was crossing my legs the whole car ride home [be grateful I let you]

i love hearing you plunk around on our new piano:]

I am grateful for your willingness to compromise with my everso stubborn ways

I am glad you came home for lunch today even though you were frustrated with work.. it was the highlight of my day:]

Thank you for supporting me with all my ridiculous ideas and adventures:]

I lub you


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