Sunday, August 30, 2009

Coolest Thing EVER

We are just adding new things to our family left and right!
First we have Jethro Walter
And now,
we have welcomed into our household

Ain't she gorgeous??
We rescued her from Friends For Life Animal Sanctuary in Gilbert.
We aren't exactly sure what she is...
Rumors say a mix between
and sharpei!

She is the neatest dog ever!

She has YET to bark once!

She is just so loveable and awesome!

I am so lucky to have her.

Still working on the whole potty training idea
But she has shown so much improvement
in just 24 hours!

We love her so much!

And house training is just like potty training a kid...

So we are set for like
ANOTHER 30 years
before we are ready to have a kid come along!:]

[ps. Catie you can thank KYLE for not letting her middle name be Baby Jesus. I seriously tried... shame]


beckaboots said...

Sooooo cool! I am happy for you! I know that you needed a buddy. I will have to come over soon... I made a cake yesterday so maybe I'll bring you a piece or two :)

Jenn said...

I am seriously not a dog person and even I can see how cute your new addition is!

Catie said...

I thank the Good Lord that Kyle has some common sense and decency not to name her Delta Baby Jesus.

Domanique said...

we are definitely in need of some time together any day after four is good for me (six on tuesdays and thursdays I am trying to work out in the evenings on those days) You guys should come over friday derek is throwing a little get together for me. I dont know the time I just know at our house. Give me your numba and I can give you all the details. And I really want to play the box game again! hahah