Thursday, August 6, 2009


I have been editing like crazy
to finish a cd for a shoot
i took of a few friends about 2 weeks ago.

and what happens??
everytime i open my photo editor, it freezes!
Our upstairs computer
[the one i use for editing]
is old enough that it is slowly dying on me :[
Kyle says
"it is because it is so graphically intense and uses so much memory!"

So I attempted to edit downstairs
on the BIG monitor
[we have my old comp hooked up to the TV so we can watch cable shows]
and the same thing happened!!
I was so frustrated.
I really want to get these done for the girls as quick as possible!
So I did the only thing my photo editor would allow...

I messed with logo styles...
ampersand logo chaos

&&I kinda like it:]

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Mary said...

Hey Jenny... Just wanted to tell I'm so jealous you got to use the Shoemaker Camera... talk about high quality and that came out in your pictures... I thought the one from above was very cleaver. I went through Pictage since they are having a promotion this month... but there are a couple of other companies you can go through... like WHCC. How are the shoots going... have you booked any more? Feel free to email me with any questions at
I'm not a top notch professional but if you have questions I can see if I can help. I'm really impressed that your second shoot came out as good as it did