Tuesday, October 13, 2009


ive decided i want to become better faster so i am writing some goals for this month:

1. read the scriptures every day
2. say morning and evening prayers regularly
3. get up before Kyle gets frustrated with me
4. try new meals and take pictures of them
5. take a ridiculously good picture
6. do lots of laundry
7. keep up with the chore chart
8. smile more
9. finish my insurance licensing
10. find a new job
11. clean out the car
12. get my license changed
13. learn a new way to do my hair [any ideas??]
14. send letters to the missionaries
15. do my visiting teaching


Inside A Book said...

How about adding...post once a week to your blog?!?!? That's one I need to get better at.

Seriously, I have missed reading your posts. They always make me smile and sometimes - think!! I love your list of 15. Gosh, you even can mark off one today!! Way to go.

Let's come up with a cute Halloween thing for our visiting teachers and do it together. Then we will be motivated to visit!!

The Moores said...

You are so inspirational. Love it!

beckaboots said...

nice goals. I write mine in several notebooks over and over. Yet, they somehow don't always get accomplished.