Friday, November 27, 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

As I am sure you've noticed, I've been extra special good this year. Even taking on some of your work load.... by stuffing as many stockings as I can. So it's with great admiration and what I'm sure is mutual respect that I humbly submit you my Christmas list for this year.

Happy Holidays,

Jennie Karges


P.S. I'm leaving a 2 liter of A&W cream soda out for you this year. Milk? Let's get serious here. . .


Marry said...

ha... I Love it! So cute... I think I will copy you :P

Don't know if this helps but book cases at Ikea are 60 dollars right now... they used to be 80

We just got three and I love them

Take Care

Liz said...

I like it! I think I'll make one later too.

beckaboots said...

It took me forever to figure out "some creative blood"... haha. Maybe we can do some crafts together? Because you have creative blood my dear! I have seen you and your modge podge!
And I too, will copy you.