Monday, April 12, 2010

Dear Husband,

Thank you for working so hard. I appreciate all that you do and how dedicated you are.

Thanks for finding lightroom online for me so I can finish my photos.

Thanks for being fearless when we all know what a baby I am.

Thanks for dealing with me never checking my phone even if it means you have to work from home some days because we left your only set of keys in my car.

Thanks for not getting too frustrated with me when I woke you up to tell you I didn't have to coax the fan into working, it did it all on its own. (1st time this month!)

Overall, thanks for being you.




beckaboots said...

This is sweet. You're a sweet wifey to your hubby.

Inside A Book said...

I love you J!!!! You do have a great man and I'm so glad that you know that!