Thursday, May 27, 2010

Check out what just came in the mail!

Just got a beeeeee-utiful 11x14 canvas print last night. It just might be love! I guess my mental measurements were off in my head tho, because I ordered an 11x14 and imagined it being the size of a 16x20! Now I know what to order next time!


Liz said...

I was totally looking at canvas prints last night! Did you score a deal?

Marry said...

that is my favorite - but maybe because i took it ;) I so want a 16x20 of that image to hang in my office... i almost bought it but chickened out - since i go back and forth on the photography business. which by the way - you never called me - please call me whenever you have questions... i'm more than happy to help - i wouldn't be where i am today without others answering my questions for me

beckaboots said...

beautiful! I need one. I just need to make sure my image will be able to be enlarged.
lunch was fun. it needs to happen again.
that's all. bye