Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hello Again

It's been a while since I was on here last. And there is good reason for it. I try not to blog when I am sad, and well I've been sad. Luckily for you, I'm over that now and hopefully will be in the mood for more blogging as I go.We have officially moved into our apartment. It is 700 sq ft smaller than our house was and has absolutely NO storage whatsoever. But we love it because it puts us in a better situation than our house was putting us in. Plus the bills will be cheaper:]
ALSO, it lets me take an opportunity to re-organize and decorate in this new place:] I already have almost all my colors picked out for almost every room! Are you ready? Because I am.
For my kitchen: Red and yellow with blacks and greys

My living room: steel blue and brown.. Something along these lines.

My office will be my two favorite colors of the season:] Grey and yellow with hints of green red orange teal and maaaybe purple:]

my master bedroom will be: beige and cream and chocolate and blue im going for a bit old world in style and hoping maaybe my colors will fit that style:]

my master bathroom [which is way smaller than the guest bathroom and I dont think deserves the title MASTER] will be blue and brown as well [I already have these mirrors I made when Kyle and I first got married that are pretty stinking cute:]]

And our guest bathroom will be an organic feel. with green and yellow and bamboos and white:]

Sooo that is basically my new apartment and its colors in a nutshell. I could really use some major input with lots of things so i expect major feedback ;]

And remember, we have to be creative here. No painting in my apartment. I might possibly starch fabric to one wall or two but nothing major. so most of my color has got to come from chochkys and those fun sort of things!

wish me luck

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Liz said...

I know the feeling. That's why our apt was pretty blah. Have fun with that--I know you love decorating!