Sunday, December 26, 2010

hello again!

I am really and truly working on trying to get better at posting. My goal is right now is for once a week minimum [i'm starting small and hoping that it will be more often as I am building the habit]

My brother in-law is engaged to the sweetest girl on the planet! They are getting married in March in Utah in the Salt Lake Temple! I am so excited for this new addition to our family!!

With the new year coming up, I have started to think about new years resolutions. This year I want to keep them short and simple so that I can actually complete and achieve them.

1. Lose weight [I'm hoping for at LEAST 10 pounds by Kevin and Harmony's wedding in March]
-- it means hard work now but it will feel SOO good when I am finished.

2. Blog once a week [hopefully more as I go]

3. Take a photo class from a pro photographer [I'm thinking of Sierra Studios - I LOVE her work she also offers an assistant program where I could work under her for multiple shoots. LOVE IT.]

We took our family photos just in time for christmas cards! Lots of awesome shots from my great friend Jenn Hanks!

These are a few of our faves:]


Hopefully I will post again soon!

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Inside A Book said...

Okay...January 3rd it begins!!