Sunday, June 5, 2011

oh hey there

I know I know. I keep leaving. I should stop promising I am going to be better at this, because really, there are no guarantees here. Let's get up to speed with where we last left off... back in JANUARY.

Weightloss.... never really got past mid-february on that baby. Does it matter that I decided I could eat whatever I wanted over my anniversary weekend [that's right 2 YEARS baby.] and since then i haven't stopped eating what I wanted??

Bro and sister in law got married in march! Wahooie! Quite a road trip! Including an accidental detour into california which meant a 2 hour delay to getting to Utah and a flat tire the day of the wedding meaning we BARELY made it in time to the sealing! RIDICULOUS. Still awesome tho. Kevin looked really happy and Harmony, she was just ravishing.

Taxes happened. Thank goodness. We got a boatload back because we over estimated our income for the year last year and it pushed us into this comfortable place where we decided we could go.....


And yes we did. As soon as the funds came through, Husband was hiring us a Realtor! and by the mid may we had seen thousands of houses [no joke] and finally made a bid on one.

That's right. We are going to be home owners once again! We sign this week and are hoping to get the keys MAYBE on friday if all goes well. We will see:]

We are hoping to flip it into a rental in a year after the primary residency requirements are finished, and look for a new home to do the same thing to. So keep your ears out for anyone looking to rent a home in the chandler/mesa area!

It's a super cool place though! No pictures this time because well, i haven't taken any. But, imagine this:
Tile throughout the house. Fire place. 1500 square feet.

Even though it is 250sf smaller than our last home it feels so much bigger [it helps that it's a one story instead of 2 and most of the square footage is in the living areas versus the bedrooms]

We are super excited. All we will really need to do is paint and replace the counters in the kitchen and of course rake the months of pine needles that have been piling up since the house was foreclosed on!

Over all it's been a good 6 months and i am sorry i haven't brought you along to share it but i am hoping i can be better at this and share more often.


OHHHH btw, My photog. Bidness is back and running. I have decided my favorite shoots are always with seniors so I am going to be focusing on that with a few weddings and engagements here and there as i feel like it. BUT anyways, if you know any seniors who are looking for a photographer send them my way! I can't wait to take their pictures! I am also looking for Juniors who are interested in becoming senior reps for their senior year and get special rewards for bringing in others to get their senior shots through me! They can email me at or check out my blog at


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beckaboots said...

Love it!
Congrats girl.
You're back!
Miss you.
Lunch soon?

P.s. don't do granite counter tops (just in case you were thinking of it) because then you can't ever replace the cabinets.