Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Life is Good

I've decided after looking at others fun blogs, that I am not blogger material. I'm better at full on documentation like a hard-core journal. But I will try this anyhow since it seems to be such the rage.

We are Jennie and Kyle [thus the JK]. We've been dating since May and have never been happier. I feel like my soul is complete when I am with Kyle. I am excited to be moving home to good ol' AZ come November 8th and hope that Kyle and I may be able to be even closer than before. After several long talks and many many visits around the Mesa Temple, Kyle and I have decided that we feel that it can't get better than this. Thus we think that this is right and we should possibly maybe get hitched. It sounds like a good idea right? Yeah I think so too. BUT... Kyle hasn't popped the question yet, he wants to wait until I move home so that we can spend all our time together when it happens! I'm just hoping it happens before Thanksgiving:]

These past few months apart from each other have been really hard. We have learned how to communicate on a different level. Every night around 10:00 PM Mountain Standard time, Kyle and I call one another. We usually talk for 2 hours or so, tho it has ranged from as short as 15 minutes to as long as 5 hours [That one was a doozy. I don't think I woke up that next morning!]. Being apart for so long has it's downsides, but it also makes a return so much sweeter. During my 3 months up in Utah, Kyle has come to see me 3 times! It was the best reunion you could ever imagine. Barely a week after I moved up to Utah, Kyle couldn't stand it anymore. He got on the internet and bought tickets to fly up that weekend(August 29th-September 1st)! We spent 3 glorious days together and reminded each other that we would just be there for each other as we pushed through the next few weeks until his next trip. Kyle flew up again the 25th of September the day before my 18th birthday. Talk about the world's best birthday gift ever! I waited 3 weeks to see him and I hated every minute of not seeing him, but it was well worth the wait! Luckily Kyle's next trip up was less than a week after my birthday. He drove up with my parents for General Conference. It was great to see both my parents and him that weekend. And it was so fun to spend time at the Temple and take tons of pictures!

Now is my time in between. Kyle and my parents drove home early the morning of the 6th. I fly home for what was supposed to be a visit on the 1st of November until the 5th. Saturday the 8th, my dad will have driven up with a trailor and we will be driving all my stuff home. I finally decided that I would rather be home in Arizona than cold and miserable in Utah so I found the perfect time to come home, 3 days after visiting! Kyle is flying up Friday the 7th so that I can have someone to drive home with me. It will be a fun drive i think. [I believe I'm beginning to see a pattern in our visits. Can't stand to be away for a week(Aug 29th-sep 1st), last 3 weeks(Sep 25th-28th), can't stand to be away for a week(Oct 3-6th), last 4 weeks(Nov 1st-5th), can't stand to be away for a week(Nov 7th), move home!(Nov 8th)]

Kyle and I are goofy. We like to make each other laugh and are pretty good at it too. He has alot of patience for my humor, which is good because it is too much like my fathers which means it is the ultimate of corny-ness. I like to mess around and see what Kyle will let me do to him, and as his friends would say if they saw this picture, he lets me get away with way too much.

He's the love of my life and my best friend. In the words of Kyle Dennis Karges, "LIFE WILL BE GOOD."


Inside A Book said...

Awesomeness!! I love it! What a fun way to journal your life. I know some people then have their blogs published in book format each year. What a cool thing that might be for you!! It's not very expensive - under $25 and they publish your entries, photos, and clip art in a hardbound book! Keep up the good work.

Merrill and Mary said...

Jenny... We were all talking about you and how darling the two of you are and I haven't even met Kyle and I couldn't agree more! I'm so happy for you being happy... I would love to take some pictures of you two... can't promise anything good, but it is free and who knows one might even turn out decent : )

Thanks for the link, I will check it out... I just want to tell you how much I love your mom... I wish she were mine, you lucky girl you. Can't wait to see more and hear more.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jennie and Kyle!!
When the flip am I going to get wedding pictures??? lol.
Elder Greeley