Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Night to Remember

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008 was by far the best day of my life. I had been moved home for about 4 days and Kyle and I were heading to the temple... Or so I thought. We got on the freeway which was strange (the temple is on Mesa Dr, one street east of where we were coming from!) when all of the sudden Kyle was like, "crap! I forgot to get this movie from Porter's friend that I lent to him! He's leaving for the holidays tonight. Do you mind if we went and got it?" Of course it wasn't that big of a deal so I said yes. So we headed on down to Power and Brown. While we were there, Kyle said, "hey there is a really cool hill over h ere that you can see the view of the whole city wanna go after we get the video?" And of course, I said yes. Kyle called Porter to get the guys address and Porter told him that the guy had already left for the airport. Kyle was bummed but we were already over near the hill so we kept heading that way.
Now this was no ordinary hill. This was TREK worthy, with dips in the dirt that any good handcart would get stuck in! As we slowly worked our way up I became more and more exhausted (either this hill's incline was ridiculous or I am seriously out of shape... I'm hoping for ridiculous incline) we ended up stopping 3 times before the top.
The first stop, you could see the view and of course being who I am, I looked at Kyle and simply said, "wow, that's pretty.. can we go back now?" And of course with Kyle being who he is, replied, "no it's prettier from the top. You'll like it come on." and so we kept on trudging up this ridiculously inclining hill.
By the third stop I laid it out flat for Kyle. "If the top is not around this corner, we are turning around!" But, lucky for him, it was.
When we reached the top, there was a candlelight dinner at the other end of the plateau. And me being... well, me, did not even register any significance in this. The first thoughts in my head were, "what the heck? dude someone else is bringing their date up here for a romantic night!! That's sooo cuttte! Let's go check it out!!!!" And I began to pull Kyle along to see what that cool other couple was going to be having.
About half way to the table, Kyle pulled back on my hand. I tu rned around to ask what, when he dropped down on one knee!!
That is when the water works began I believe. He told me that he loved me and that he wants to spend forever with me. And then he asked me to MARRY HIM!
Our table had milk and my favorite kind of pie (strawberry rhubarb) and a great view of the city lights! ;]
It was by far the most amazing night of my life, I STILL can' t stop smiling about it! Plus I have this awesomely huge ring from Walmart until we can choose real ones. It's pretty fantastic. :]

The view and the table setting hard to see but it was there;]

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