Monday, December 8, 2008

a few shots [kapow! kapow!]

Went over to miss Mary's house today [I guess technically it is Mrs Mary isn't it?] and got our engagement photos today! I must say, they look FANTASTIC! I am quite pleased with every one and would like to formally thank this lovely lady for doing such a splendid job! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and Marys constant encouragement to kiss and show lots of P.D.A. it was delightful! I thought I might show you a few of my favorites and as I go I will show you others:] But one thing I will refrain from showing are the shots we chose for our announcements. Those you will just have to wait and see when we send you one via snail-mail!

This one is probably my absolute favorite. I had the idea for this shot even before I knew I wanted Mary to take my pictures! I think it is absolutely adorable and completely fits the fact that I love daisies and they are my flower for the wedding! I had an image almost identical to this in my head and I am so glad Mary was able to capture that image for me! It's just AWESOME.

Mary isn't as much a fan of this as I am but I love this photo. I feel it shows who Kyle and I are. I haven't spent a day where I don't end up cracking up at this man. I love it when a photographer can capture more than what a person looks like, but can almost grasp a glimpse of their soul and their life in a frame. It shows me talent and skill. It takes a good photographer to do more than just click a button and call it art. It takes searching and love and quality. My, my, miss Mary. I do believe you have yourself a bit of that:] (and even if it is focused on my knee rather than my face, I still love it. It's one of my favorites:])

I think this one is just so tender and sweet. And this is how it always is! Kyle is just so good to me. He lets me just lean on him and it feels like while I'm there everything is going to be okay. Kyle is my haven and my angel. Even when he is exhausted from a long days work, he lets me come and lean on him. My favorite nights are the ones where he is so tired from working out and basketball and the stresses of the day and we sit down to watch a movie on my couch and he just turns, puts his head on my chest and falls right asleep. Those are the times when I finally feel like I can let him lean on me. It reminds me of the Dave Matthews Band song, "Lean On Me" "we all need somebody to lean on" it's so great to have my best friend here and be my somebody to lean on and I love it when he can lean on me as well.

And a last note. Do you remember those old 90's teen movies with all the kids at the high school with the ridiculously high-waisted jeans and the couples walking with the hands in one another's butt pockets?? Well yes I am young and those were the teen movies I grew up watching with my older brothers and that's how I always imagined couples walking in high school... So of course, I couldnt resist having a photo taken like that.. because, well... That's how allll the cool kids walk.

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