Friday, January 2, 2009

take a picture it'll last longer

I've been inspired. I want to take pictures. Of Kyle, of my family, of people. But I want them to be good. Like photographer good. Maybe I can get some tips from Nikaela and Mary.. And maybe Kyle will let me save up and get a new camera... As good as mine is it's not professional quality. Kyle says he has adobe photoshop. i hope so, cuz then I could do some fun editing stuff. I just want to take pictures... Create memories and document life. Maybe I will start doing that. At least trying to do it. I think I will start tonight. It will be the beginning of the documentation of our last 47 days as singles;] Maybe, I just might be good at this kinda thing.. I highly doubt it but at least I will try... wish me luck.

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beckaboots said...

i was minoring in photography at ASU for a little but it was very tedious and hardly any focus on actual photography and more on art. doing it on your own is the way to go girl! maybe we'll take pictures together :)