Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lazy Sunday

So.. I really should be asleep right now, but yet again, i am up and awake. i have attempted pictures and failed many many many times.. i just dont have a very good camera.. it doesnt take a picture fast enough and just isnt the best quality for the kind of picture i want to take.. from time to time i do get a good picture though.. or so i think..
This one i took on the day i went wedding dress shopping with mom. I think it looked alot cooler on the camera itself but it has more.. uh.. what is the word... of a prospective chance (i had to go to to remember that! how truly embarassing!) than anything else that came off my camera that wasnt a picture of a picture. For example, this lovely picture:
is a great cake and beautiful. The one sad thing is, i did not take this photo :[ though i wish i could take credit for it. but sadly, the glare and terrible tilt, kinda give it all away. its quite sad actually. This photo is awesome
but again, not my work.. i just edited it here and there... ugh maybe one day i will get there.. yeah right but a girl can dream right??


Merrill and Mary said...

Hey Girl... you and your daisy's I can't wait to see how your wedding come together... maybe once you are settled in with marriage and all that and get a camera you can always call me for some help.

So right now I think the comps in our area are around 750 a month... not sure if that is too much, but it is a two bed two bath so if he can get a roomie that would be half that which I think is a good deal for your bedroom and bath... Let me know if he is interested... you can give him my number too... we are hoping to have it up and ready to go by the end of Feb depending on when we move etc... we still have ot get an inspection on the house, but I doubt there will be problems

J&&K said...

thanks i will definitely let him know i think he would love that!!
i would love your help with pictures i just have to save up for that camera first! haha thank you!