Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gotta make this baby quick!

I love being in love!

And even better? i love it when teachers send you home at the beginning of class because they don't want to teach that day!

Today was super fun and super nice that i didnt feel disgusting tonight! We spent time at my parents house before class and then when i was let out early i went back to their house and played blog stalking with my mom hahah!

so as i have been looking at my pictures that i have been taking ive discovered one problem. Though im sure this is a great benefit for others i want things to be in focus in one area while other things are out of focus, yet my little camera is "high tech" and puts everything in focus for you! so while i was attempting to make this banister out of focus while trying to focus on the messy room behind it, instead i ended up with an in focus banister and a mist of black doom behind it!
but for being unedited it does have a nice glow about it if i do say so myself. maybe im meant for still life.. of things that dont really matter to this world.. like wooden banisters.. hahah lets see this puppy in sepia tone maybe it will look cooler... and maybe a bit of softness added around.. lemme see what i can find....
BAM! looks pretty cool if i do say so myself! haha you can edit things on your computer yourself for free too by using the amazing picnik!

I tried editing one of my uncool unedited pictures from yesterday and this is what i have come up with
still not very confident in this picture but i feel it is better than the original. Much lighter, her face and shirt are more in focus. Just gotta keep trooping i guess!

Well it is way past my bedtime and yet again i have snuck out after Kyle has fallen asleep!

And so with that I bid you all

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Domanique said...

I am a long time retired photographer, but to get that out of focus look you're going to need lenses.
like these guys
or like this
Just to list a few. But continue working on your good eye, you for sure have it. Once you master the eye then you move up to lenses and blah blah blah. ;) kepp rocking chica! You will continue to get better.