Monday, March 23, 2009

i love kyle's old roommates

especially when they show their love of In-N-Out

it was so hard to get up today! this spring break was too good to me and now i no longer want to wake up early! i think i have found a job for the summer, working for the district in special ed for summer school! yay!

i'm really trying to post every night now cant you tell?? i even snuck out of bed tonight after Kyle passed out so i could make sure you guys got the full attention i promised and that you deserve after ive abandoned you all for months at a time!

ive been trying to take pictures and i really want to take artsy and awesome pictures like Nikaela ( and Mary ( but im really just camera retarded. Now i realize that these are unaltered, unedited and uncool but they are the best that ive done.. i just wish i could pump it up a notch and really get good at this... i think i might take a photo class over the summer.. though i really shouldnt when i need to be focusing on my degree... but i want to nonetheless.... Brinton

Kyle wearing Brinton's hat (isnt kyle just the cutest???)

B-man showing off his cool hat!

baby Bekah playing with her Dad's shoelace

I wish i had some mad skills in the photo department or even the photoSHOP department because almost any picture can become beautiful with photoshop...

i will just keep dreaming i suppose...

maybe next time i will update my king and queen story... until then



Lovely Lady said...

I think your pictures are SWEET! Oh of course they are my own children...I guess that would make my opinion a bit biased. I may have to "borrow" them for my blog..hmmm.

beckaboots said...

maybe your computer already as a photo editing program in it-- mine does and it's not too hard to figure out. photoshop is too advanced for me haha. you should check it out though and play around with it.