Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Really Should be writing My English Paper....

But instead I am here blogging.. I really am a sad person aren't I??

Kyle's back has been hurting him today quite a bit. It makes me worry :[ I gave him some Aleve and plan to massage him for a little while. Hopefully that will help him a little bit. Keep him in your prayers...

Tomorrow is the start of a rough end of the semester for Kyle. He now has doubled his work load for school. Mondays he has class from 5:45-10:00, Tuesday 7:00-10:00, Wednesday 5:45-10:00, and an online class with essays due every Friday before midnight. He's going to be SO tired! But once he's finished with this semester he'll have his associates degree! YAY! Then hopefully the economy can pick back up and we can find a more appropriate place for him to work. (cross your fingers)

We had church today. Good lessons. We ended up sitting next to our Bishop during Sunday school. Talk about AWKWARD. I felt so bad cuz Kyle and I kept chit-chatting but we tried to be discreet.. I just don't know if we were discreet enough...
RS was fantastic. We talked about judging people before knowing them. It makes me think back on those "books with covers" that I have judged way too quickly. I hope i can get better at that.

Next week is General Conference! I am so excited! Not just for the fact that we get to hear our leaders speak to us, but Kyle and I get to sleep in compared to our 8 AM church! It's great!

I don't want to go to work tomorrow. Kyle and I have decided we are going to quit our jobs, foreclose on our home. Go completely natural in the Hippie sort of way, and move down to Rocky Point to sell sand crabs we catch on the beach for 20 pesos each. That would be the life.

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beckaboots said...

Haha that sounds cool. Sometimes I just want to leave all of my stuff behind and go traveling for a year or two. When we were in Hawaii, kendall and I saw a lot of people who lived on the beaches like that.
I hope you have a good week at work even though you don't want to go. Just make the best of it!
And I hope Kyle can make it through the semester without his brain melting!