Thursday, April 2, 2009

Maybe Next Week...

Maybe next week I will post daily at a decent hour
{instead of pushing myself till I get sick from the lack of sleep}
Maybe next week I won't have a rough and tumble with my autistic student
{and he won't have a melt down in P.E. while I'm not there}
Maybe next week an autistic first grader will magically transfer in
{so that I can work with Lori and Jeanie again next year}
Maybe next week I will finish the many projects I have begun
{so Kyle doesn't feel like I am completely taking over and ruining his home}
Maybe next week I will give up that Coke for a diet
{and start that walking goal that was set back in January}
Maybe next week I will prove I'm trying my best
{and feel like I'm worth enough to deserve HIM}
Maybe next week I will become a pro-skateboarder
{and go completely punk rock}
Maybe next week I will dye my hair red
{and think nothing of it}
Maybe next week I will actually wear contacts again
{and my eyes won't flare up like last time}
Maybe next week all of my wildest dreams will come true
{or maybe I will have to dream of them some more}
Maybe next week I will start watching live TV
{instead of my DVR}
And maybe next week I'll cut the maybes out of my sentences


beckaboots said...

I feel like most of life is filled with maybes. or tomorrows. Kendall is good at making those into definatelys and todays but i'm still working on it.
I hope you have a nice weekend! we will have to double again....and i say that a lot but....maybe soon...haha :)

Inside A Book said...

Maybe??? I loved your blog today! Isn't it true?!? "Maybes" are powerful little buggers. They put more than a little doubt in relationships and can break a confidence, they are titillating and provocative when said with the right inflection. Hmmm. But resist the procrastination of maybes. I've found that manytimes I'm glad that I didn't do something right away and still at other times I'm frustrated. Perhaps the secret is figuring out when to act and when to just THINK maybe. Boy, that's deep!

Heather said...

ha ha. I think we can all relate to this post. your so funny!