Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm Addicted to Blogs.

That's it. I am no longer allowed to look at other people's blogs! I spend wayyy too much time, waste away my days and only dream of ideas and crafts i cant afford! We need to get me a better time waster here people! I can tell you right now, i have over 9 tabs up on my window and more than 3/4 of them are BLOGS! This is getting outta hand.. I need help.

So.. I'm a klutz. a pretty bad one too. Even when I say I won't drop something... chances are I probably will. Haha. Back when I was living in Utah, I had a Sidekick Slide
I loved that phone! It was the coolest! Except for the whole it only came with the basics and you had to purchase everything else for it. You wanna set an alarm? Gotta pay % bucks. Wanna use a calculator? That's another $3. Every single thing had a price on it. I eventually got fed up and Kyle being the sweetie that he is, sent me up his old phone the Palm Treo 750Now this thing was a beauty. I loved this even more than the sidekick! The best part about it?? TOUCHSCREEN baby. It was half phone half palm pilot. It was DA BOMB basically.

But... Me being, well, me meant that this baby wouldn't last long in my hands. I dropped it waaay too many times and now the charger won't work for it because the last drop he took basically ruined the phone:[ and so now, I am stuck with Kyle's OLD old phone from when he got back from his mission (2005 you guys) its an OLD blackberry with a side click wheel and no navigation buttons aside from that. And even worse?? No camera.... it's a shame.. I guess I will just have to save up my money and get something new.. Maybe Kyle can find me a cheap 1st generation iPhone.. that'd be nice. But until then.. I'm stuck with this bad boy.
I guess this has become a humility lesson in the making. UGH sometimes, I hate being humbled.

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Inside A Book said...

Mary and I decided that we haunt and stalk blogs because we are nosy - or as she says, "a busybody"!!! I think it's because we are curious!! There is probably some real addiction going on or some psychological reason... maybe you should ask your professor!! Sorry about your phone. I know what it feels like not to get pictures> Natalie sent me a picture of the "girls" and I never got it. I just thought she was incommunicado with me... Love ya~!