Thursday, March 26, 2009

There Once was a Prince Named Harry

Who sat on a magical fairy
This didn't please her one bit
And she had quite a fit
For now Harry became much more hairy

Made that up myself right on the spot. Yeah, that's right. My name-tag should say awesome.

Had my Relief Society over today. That was really cool tho they warned me that once youve been "officially taught" thats when the callings come! ahhh! haha

Today was DRRRRRAAAMA central at work! i felt like i was suddenly back in high school the way the teachers were treating one another! Actually it was just one teacher being rude to another but it really just caused problems within the whole team. It was ridiculous.

Kyle and I went to the store and actually spent less than $90 on food today! Amazingly enough we spent less than $40 on food today! i know iknow im shocked too!

I'm so glad it is almost the weekend! Tomorrow means two days of break and JEANS! You have no idea how amazing a word jeans is after annoying highheels and stuffy trousers all week!

Tried out some more editing the past few days... lemme show you what i've come up with....

I told you I liked the vignette effect.. and yes I am using it again. It just makes it look good.

Though sometimes I think with all these cool things that I can do on my editing programs... I do to much to the photo... So maybe after this I will try a little less additional editing (b&w, sepia, vignette.. etc.) and do a little more plain good photo.

But these next ones don't count....
MB is just so photogenic she's adorable.

I can't decide between these two....

This one:

or this one:

I like the color ALOT. I love how I was able to make it just POP. but... i am in love with sepia tone... i just cant decided... UGH

oh well another day is over and it's onto some new things and new pictures next time! See ya around.

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