Sunday, March 22, 2009

a story of a king and queen

okay so i am a slacker. truly a HUMUNGOUS slacker. i have been getting on everyone ELSE's blogs for sometime now but have yet to post ANYTHING on mine! well arent i the terrible one?? Today we went to church, even though i BEGGED Kyle to let us sleep in instead. i thought it would be absolutely miserable and it was boring to begin with but i am sure glad we went afterall! i swear i wish Relief Society was during the middle block. i LOVE it! i dont want it to be the first one because i am always late but i dont want it to be the last block either because i am always ready to go home by this point!! But i love LOVE LOVE relief society and wish it wasnt at the end of church!! (i know im shocked that i like it so much too! i absolutely resented and hated it in singles ward but this ward... its just an AWESOME ward. i love it!)

This week has been crazy! everything has changed so much!
firstly, friday the 13th truly became an unlucky day. i was laid off from one of my jobs. lucky for me though, i was glad! i had been trying to figure out a way to quit there in the first place without burning bridges so i am THANKFUL it happened!! i also work at an elementary school as an aide for an autistic child and they were on spring break this week so i had an entire week off! it was so much fun! i got to spend the week with my mom which was so fun! we started to make my new house a home with tons of crafty things! and being daring people that we are.. decided to create a "crafty blog" and post frugal crafts as if we were truly talented in this subject! (my mom may be but i am a sucker for spending money i wish i had) (and even SCARIER?? in church today i went out on a whim and on a list they were passing around asking about talents, i wrote down that i did "frugal crafts"!!! i am done for!! i completely regret my actions now and hope they just pass by my name without any thought for the matter.) you will have to check out our blog to see the fun stuff we've done this week! and the stuff that we plan to do!
i have become addicted to blogs and seeing all the other cool things other people do! two blogs i have discovered have really inspired me to try this out and do better at blogging. this one inspired me to try and post everyday and put up a picture in the post. While this one has shown me that telling a story and just being myself is the best way to truly blog!
so here my story begins:

Once upon a time.. there was a Queen and a King. They were by far the coolest King and Queen throughout their kingdom. They celebrated many things including their first home-cooked meal

and focused on the colors of their watches. They celebrated 1 month anniversaries by taking pictures of their food

They were the masters of coolness with servants who tested out everything for them before they tried it themselves. Servant Kevin tried smooth away for the Queen one Sunday and certified it as an accepted hair removal process. It was a very beneficiary act for the kingdom.This King and Queen were the keepers of a 2nd grade class's butterfly home over the Queen's spring break.
Once the butterflies had grown large enough they were released. The Queen was very sad to say goodbye but was greatful to have the smell gone.

The King and Queen were in love. They expecially loved one another's butts and liked to photo-document their likings.... (don't ask me they just did...)
All in all, the King and Queen were pretty amazing folks with awesome bottoms and even better skills as being Masters of Ultimate Coolness. One night they even had a game night with friends..

But that my friends, is a whole nother post for another time. So until then....



Domanique said...

Oh Jennie! You make my heart so happy with laughter!

Lovely Lady said...

So Cute! I wanted to see your inspiration blogs and your craft blog but I can't get the links to work :(.

beckaboots said...

i'm glad that you still have your other job! i thought for some reason that that was the job you lost. i'm addicted to following other people's crafty blogs too! it's inspirational to be more crafty.