Tuesday, March 10, 2009


so i am completely lazy. i havent even posted since January! so lets start with the basics. January 30th i had my bridal shower. it was fantastic! talk about a great time with people that love you! i got wonderful gifts from everyone that Kyle and I are now using due to the fact that the wedding day has already come and gone. on February 20th, 2009, i was married and sealed to my best friend for eternity. what an amazing feeling that is! i truly couldnt be happier to be with Kyle:] i am so grateful for the wonderful people that assisted in making this dream come true. Setting up for the wedding the night before was chaotically filled with tools ivy and bows. Dina Kleinman came to rescue as our twinkle-light expert knowing that if you plug in more than 3 sets on twinkle lights per extension cord you WILL blow a fuse (thank you christmas lane expert :]). We had the coolest center pieces ever! They were Trifle bowls with blue jewels and GOLDFISH in them! it was AWESOME. Kevin Shoemaker my good pal was our DJ and did awesome at improvising as our receiving line lasted over HALF of the reception!! We had Eegees as our drink and a beautiful chocolate fountain which i would've LOVED to have some of but of course I was in white and busy so i didnt get anything:[ haha i know i know poor me right??
The day of the wedding itself was absolutely fantastic! Talk about seriously MEANT TO BE. My old roommate from Utah came down to do my hair and was at my house at 5am! And talk about an awesome job! My cousin Noelle was over at 6am to do my makeup and i was set and ready to go right on time! it was a fantastic start to a GLORIOUS day. The wedding itself was beautiful and i felt so happy surrounded by my family. Quentin's best friend Jon Hendricks who is pretty much family drove all the way down from Utah to see me get married!
Wedding pictures with Nikaela and Mary were so much fun! We had lots of great ones taken at the Temple with our families and bridal party:] Afterwards we had the luncheon which was nice because i was STARVING! I had been craving a coke ALL day and when they finally got one to me i was absolutely parched and then never seemed to fill it up as often as i wanted. but its okay i just drank some of Kyles mountain dew in the process:] Kevin Baker's wife Heather told me i was brave because i was eating in my wedding dress. but to me it only makes sense! i mean come on how are you gonna fit back into it if you stuff yourself?? better to be safe than sorry!!
The reception was so much fun! talk about having everyone you know and love there to wish you luck as you embark on your new life! our receiving line was SO LONG! We had planned for it to be no longer than 45 minutes.... YEAH RIGHT more like 2 hours!!!! it was crazy but so cool to talk with everyone and thank them all for coming and supporting us:]
As soon as i get them from nikaela i will post the wedding pictures till then, i suppose this will have to do!

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Heather said...

How funny. Everytime I came to your site it went to an old post. Good thing you told me there was a new one! We had fun tonight!