Thursday, April 30, 2009

10 Things That Make Me TERRIBLY Happy

Stole this from Mary and thought I would add my own flavor and spices to it... So I have Kyle style AND our not so serious 10 though they really are things that make us happy.

Okay for serious:
1. Being married to jennie
2. The family I have
3. Chocolate
4. Reeses
5. Finishing
6. Sleep
7. Steak
8. No school
9. $
10. Success
[at least I'm at the top...]

1. Having Kyle
2. Boingers (ponytail holders... Long story)
3. The temple & friends that can go inside
4. Good hair days
5. Good self-esteem days
6. Anything fruity
7. My good ole' g's
8. Having a job
9. Being able to afford what I need
10. Fj's good days

And the NOT so serious side of things:

1. My hairy chest
2. Green lights
3. Marshmallows (In small amounts)
4. Clouds that look like donuts
5. When I paint pink elephants
7. Blueray
8. Speed (the driving kind)
9. A carefree attitude
10. My iPhone

1. Fans & jackets
2. Deodorant
3. Tweezers
4. Gobstoppers
5. Pictures
6. Good photoshop on bodies (make me skinny DANGIT!)
7. Tickling Kyle
8. Poking Kyle
9. De-minting Kyle
10. My sex tin

So there is our little family's happiness in a nutshell. You don't like it?? Get over it :) it's my happiness not yours.

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Merrill and Mary said...

You make me laugh... Love it, love it, love it... okay I have to ask... what is a sex tin?

Inside A Book said...

Gotta love it J!! It's very you AND Kyle!! I wonder what ours would look like?????

Merrill and Mary said...

I love the sex tin! I'm going to make one!