Friday, May 1, 2009

You Are Here

It was said that when a black man were to become president, pigs would fly && now 100 days into Obama's presidency: SWINE FLU

hahaha I thought that text was HILARIOUS. raise your hand if you DIDN'T receive that from sis. Larson? haha

So i have noticed that.... well. lemme put it to ya straight.. EVERYONE ELSE'S BLOGS ARE SO MUCH COOLER THAN MINE! So I went a googling for "fun blog ideas" && came up with......

[drum roll please..]


&& so I am sitting here trying to think of something good to write && hoping that i can figure something out...
I think I've got something!

I guess this could just be an update on my life.... oh I've got it where I'm at on this map of life! [hahaha like those little red dots that say you are here]

1. I've realized one of my biggest pet peeves. SPELLING. Now don't get me wrong I make spelling errors from time to time as well, but it's the ones that are SO not even simple typing mistakes that drive me crazy!! Haha sometimes I want to go all English teacher on blogs! I love it though && it keeps me on track with my own spelling:] but try to remember at least this. There are 3 forms of "there." : There [as in, "there it is!"] Their [as in, "it's in their suitcase!"] && they're [as in, "they're flying in this weekend!"] please use the correct form of there;]

2. I have this snowglobe I bought at the Wal-Mart by my house when I lived in Orem. It's beautiful, with a mini Salt Lake Temple inside && a Christus [sp??** I know terrible after just ranting about that!] on the side. BUT, when I flew home for a weekend Cameron had to come get it from the airport because they wouldn't let me take it with me on the plane because it had a music box in it [I know RE TARD ED.] but anyways, so Cammy Cakes had to go pick it up && so it rolled around in my backseat from probably 5 months or so after that [until I finally pulled it out && put it on display in the house!]... && well... you know the Christus on the side?? well.... uhm... his hands broke off from all the rolling around... && I just noticed this like LAST week. is that bad??

3. I hate folding laundry. Or putting clothes on hangers. In fact, I have gone on strike. instead, my clean laundry is in piles around my bedroom... [Kyle hasn't complained so far:) but this is probably because he is the one who started the piles. && he did this looong before I was ever even in the picture!]

4. I'm beginning to realize.. I'm not a very good cook... or at least not a very aware cook. example 1: My first "meal" for kyle && I was simple. MAC N' CHEESE && I being the genius that I am forgot that I put SOAP in the colander to wash it && definitely dumped all that freshly cooked pasta into the soapy dish. We went out to eat that night.... example 2: I decided to make HAMBURGER HELPER for dinner one night. It seemed easy enough. [yeah right.] All I had to do was add meat && liquid. stupid me only read HALF of the instructions && only put in 2 tablespoons of water. Later, after Kyle && I suffered through a burnt && TERRIBLE dinner.. Kyle looked back at the box && noticed that I forgot to add in 2 cups of milk! ridiculous.

4. It's amazing the artsy things you do in a second grade classroom. I should go to art school && get paid more for my amazing accomplishments! so far I have made:
a giant easter egg
a jungle scene
an America art scene
mini george washingtons out of my students && cotton balls.

my latest pieces:Patrick the Giraffe && his best friendGeoffrey the Elephant.

I'm pretty proud of them if I do say so myself. [&& i do]

5. My toenails are still painted from my wedding... I think it's about time I get a new pedicure....

6. I have an argumentative essay due on Tuesday for my English 101 class... I attempted to use an old one from high school && I suddenly realized why we take more writing classes. [talk about the most embarrassing essay ever]

7. I went to the temple yesterday to see 3 of my friends take out their endowments. THAT was a majorly awesome experience. Once I get around to going I always say I need to go more often... I hope I hope I actually do that this time..

8. I got my ring soldered [wow I had to call my mom for spelling that that does NOT fit the phonics rules] && re-dipped it's beautiful && sparkly again!!

9. I start training for my summer job next saturday. 9am to 5pm UGH. But, it's better than no job at all!

10. I am not good for this whole AIDE job... I totally encourage the kids to run in the hallways, jump off the swings, chase birds into the 6th grade playground, && walk on the curb backwards.... I act more like one of the 5th graders than one of the aides... but apparently the teachers all love me! [thank goodness I can relate to the youngsters i guess...]

2 more wedding pix:

Grandma Ann && Icoming out of the HOLIEST place on Earth. :]

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Merrill and Mary said...

Ummm I am terrible at spelling... I don't even re-read what I write... I'm hoping that little spelling lesson wasn't for me... I should have that one down... Merrill just thought me the proper way to use then and than... I'm still trying to figure it out... Salt and Pepper comes from the movie "Fireproof" which is pretty amazing. Basically, salt and pepper go together and even though they are different together they make things better ie marriage... its a must see