Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Planet Day

Happy Earth Day everyone!

In our attempts to help our lovely planet kyle and I have made some resolutions...

naps daily instead of driving around or wasting energy watching TV
Make our A/c one degree warmer to save money and energy
turn over 50% of his driving into actual "coasting" (saving gas) [in other words, hes going to put his car into neutral turn off the engine and see how far his truck can go... watch out people]

re-use powerade bottles for water and powder gatorade
re-use ragu jars for food storage
shorter showers
get a recycle can for inside
make a piggy bank out of a milk carton

Kyle and I also decided that if we are going to honor Mother Earth, we better honor her sister Mars too.. so HAPPY PLANET DAY everybody!

Today in class the kids and I talked alot about what we can do to help save our Planet. simple things like
"showering less often, not brushing your teeth, & never doing laundry" were some ideas that came to my second graders heads. They definitely would save energy and water... hahaha man i love kids

I want to write a childrens book. Really bad. I have a few ideas already in mind and have had some of my 2nd graders proof read it to tell me if they liked it or not.. so far im doing okay:] but now i need to go to the next step and make something happen. you can dream all you want about something but it will never become a reality if you don't take action. so im going out there and im going to try to see what i can do in this writer business... maybe i will do okay... maybe not.. probably not. but i'll never know if i don't try.

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