Saturday, May 16, 2009

hotter than a hot tamale

Hung out with Kyle's old roommate, Porter, at the pool today.
For 3 hours!

I am SO burnt.
[sunburn via the sun]
I am ACHING so bad.
[this one is for the ladies out there. Gentlemen please look away]
I can't wear a bra without crying && silly me decided to wear a bikini today so practically my whole chest is redder than that lobster you ate at that sea food place.
[Okay gents its cool to look again]

All I know is that I am retarded because this isn't the first time even this week that I've been sunburnt && I didn't use suntan lotion.

ow... I hurt.


greatgoogamooga said...

:( I'm sorry you're a crispy critter. But I'm just jealous that you can wear a bikini. I'm going to need to remove quite a few pounds if I ever want to attempt that. :(

Inside A Book said...

Now what did your momma tell you???? Since the evil deed is done go and slather yourself in aloe vera!! When we were crispy critters on the cruise we all went and bought aloe vera. It's the only thing that made it tolerable! Cool baths work too! Sorry....

beckaboots said...

I learned this lesson a lot. haha I got so burned once, I had second degree sunburns with blisters all over the place! we will need to go tan together with LOTS of sunscreen and some nice cool drinks and music :)