Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm Afraid I Got Ants in My Pants

I rely on you all too much. I check my blog constantly for feedback && to see if anyone else had posted. More often than not.. you haven't.. IM VERY DISAPPOINTED IN YOU GUYS! Come on you guys are my sanity! Get to it! Or else i'm going to have to find someone else's blog to stalk! && you don't want me doing that now do you???

At the rate Im wearing shorts and capsleeve shirts I'm gonna have some mad farmers tans... I think It's time I hit the pool again.. Though people have told me, be proud of your modesty and embrace your tan lines!... but I just don't know if I am ready for this yet...
I want a fishtank really bad. [yeah I was am one of those kids people that will sit in the doctors office and just watch the fish. Forget the magazines and play area I've got tropical fish floating in front of me!] So Ireally want one but Kyle says that it would cost too much money:[ which is ridiculous necaue I would totally be willing to settle for this
or this
or even this
but instead.. i am stuck with plain old boring fish bowl

If I cant have a tank can't I atleast have some cool bowls with a couple of fish?? like these?
[seriously, i love to read && I love fish! what more perfect bookends!!]
but even a few of these hanging around the house would be mighty sweet!
Somebody knock some sense into kyle! I cant stand to have only ONE fish! it's just not right that he live alone! :[


greatgoogamooga said...

I feel the same way. No one ever comments enough! My last entry was really long and drawn out and basically my life story of the past 4 years. I even posted about it on facebook...and Bekah was the only one that commented. sad...but here I am...checking it anyway. :(

Merrill and Mary said...

You're not alone... I think you are the only one who ever comments on my blog.

Lovely Lady said...

You have a beta fish...right? Don't those guys HAVE to livealone? I think they'll eat any friends you add. Then you will have to have more fishy funerals....and you won't event get to flush 'em to fishy heaven.

beckaboots said...

I have to admit....I think fish are pretty boring. Kendall loves them though. you and him should start a fish farm.