Tuesday, May 12, 2009

They'll Be Studs

I was at church on Sunday && saw the cutest boy! He had on a white shirt, corduroy pants, loafers, && a little tie! AH! He was aDORABLE!

&& That is when I realized that I know exactly how my kids are going to be.. Or how I wish they are going to be.
My kids are so going to be an image out of the Ralph Lauren Children ads! AH I would die in happiness:]

Can't you see little future _________ dressed up like this??

Or ________ like this on Sunday??!!
Or my baby girl ___________ all beautified like THIS??
Or at least let my kids be studs like this:]
I may look like crap when I'm a mom [one day.. not anytime soon] but I swear my kids will be studs [at least they will be on sundays]

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beckaboots said...

HAHA! I totally agree, my kids will be trendy and stylish for sure :) Then they can hang out at the trendy model shoots they have for kids magazines.