Friday, May 22, 2009

Meet n' Greet

I'd like to introduce you to someone today.

Meet Catrina Lynn.
[Or Catoe as I call her.]

She is ridiculously lovely.[here.]

She is bold.[here.]

She has a beautiful voice.

Sometimes she has ridiculously amazing taste in music.
[other times not so much..]

If it was cool, I'd marry her too.[Yet, sadly, it's just not the popular thing to do right now.]

Her giggle.. is sometimes terrifying.
[But it makes you giggle in it's entirety because it can be so weird..]
[I just love it!]

She has a gorgeous mess of ringlets for hair.[here.]
[natural color ladies]

Her eyebrows are perfect.
[She's wearing the earrings I gave her in this.]

Her teeth are whiter than pearls
[definitely whiter than the black ones, but even so, whiter than the white ones too.]

She listens.

She fights my battles when I have hit my limit.

Her natural face is stunning.
She can be fearless when it doesn't include telling a boy she likes him.

She makes me feel like I'm not alone out there when the world is crumbling.

She shines.

She's got the strongest testimony out there.

She's available. [gentlemen??]
[Catie don't kill me for that]

She's practically perfect.

She's my female Kyle.
[minus the hairy chest.... && face...]

She's my best friend.
&& I love her to pieces.


beckaboots said...

Those earrings are awesome!
Annnndddd it looks like you've found who you cheat on kyle with! Kendall cheats on me with his friend Andrew! I switch between Julia and Kendilyn...haha!

Catie said...

Hahaahahaha. Ohhhhh my goodness.

greatgoogamooga said...

I have no clue why Catie's single. She's seriously one of the hottest girls in creation. Jealous!

greatgoogamooga said...

I actually have those earrings...but I loaned them to my best friend sometime last year...and haven't seen them since. So I guess I kind of gave those earrings to my best friend too. :P

Catie said...

I have to admit, I come and look at this when I'm stuck in a funk. You say things that are way to nice! :) And I love you for it. Sadly, your shameless hook about me being available, didn't work.. but that's okay. :) haha! I love you.