Thursday, May 21, 2009

When One Can't Sleep, She Returns To Blogging.

These kids have some seriously studly ties. I hope my boys grow up to be as studly.

I am shedding like a snake.
It's disgusting.

I think it is hilarious how I am suddenly so obsessed with this whole
print suddenly.

School is officially out for the summer.
Which means I am now waiting on my last section of training to start my summer job.
Sadly, that's not til June 2nd.
Maybe I'll find 2 jobs for the summer.....

I have to go back into work off the clock tomorrow...
Because I forgot the Bugs Life DVD
In the media center.

We have this desk[here.]
We bought it off craigslist.
In order to cover the scuffs and scratches...
The original owner's mother decided to color over it with a sharpie
Now my arm is
Haha. It kinda looks like a really really bad bruise....
Don't worry. It's not.

I'm going to miss my kids.
They were so sweet && seriously so funny.
I can't wait to see who they become in life.
The cool thing about my job is
I don't just seem them at one stage of their lives,
I follow them down the path and watch them
learn && grow from year to year.
It's awesome.

We had a movie day for out final day as second graders.
And a dance off the last 10 minutes of the day.
My kids are seriously the sweetest
&& most hilarious 7 && 8 year olds around.Making funny faces for the cameraH being a stud.L stickin out from the crowd. Being as loud && crazy as possible. Typical L.Hugging Lori at the end of the day. It was so precious I just couldn't resist.

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beckaboots said...

That is a pretty cool desk! We need TWO computer desks because Kendall's is broken and I need one for my craft room hehe. I can't believe they colored it with sharpie! haha.