Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My husband likes to dust our banisters with socks.
While they are still on his feet.
[here.] via [here.]

Our new work out plan has gone into action.
Some mad time on this baby and we will be at our

RedRobin is the eating place for our lovely 3 month anniversary today.
[which I am totally cool with because that is where we ate the night Kyle said I love you.]
Can I just say their fries are delicious??
Just an all around delightful restaurant!
[here.] [[edited by muah]]

I'm excited for life.
Can't really tell ya why.
Just know that I am.
&& That's that.


beckaboots said...

I loooovvvve red robin! And their fries are soo yummy! I could eat there all the time haha. Too bad it isn't ALL.

greatgoogamooga said...

I laughed so hard at Kyle's dusting technique. Sounds like something I'd try. :P The blog change looks cute, btw! :)