Tuesday, July 21, 2009

For You, Liz

Saturday was our lucky day!

We got a Piano.

For FREE [yes, I said free].

We hauled it in the truck and brought my baby home to mama!

It was a wonderful deal! The legs are a bit shaky, a small section of the laminate cover edge broke off to expose the unstained pieces, and a few of the keys are sticky [you practically have to use a sledge hammer to get middle D to play but that's okay, I've got fingers of steel]

With my piano being free and all... I kinda want to..... paint it.
First I want to find out if it will change the sound dramatically, because if so, I wont.
secondly, I have to get permission from my husband...
{I mentioned it yesterday and he vetoed it right away:[ }

Where do I get this inspiration? amazingly enough I was snooping around the blogosphere yesterday and came across 3 [not 1, not 2, 3] blogs [not linked to one another either] that had bloggers that had painted their pianos!
How crazy is it that RIGHT after I get my free piano I see SEVERAL blogs with painted pianos??
It was fate. It must be done.Now mind you, I am emphasizing free, not because I am bragging, but because had I spent more than $100 on a piano,
I highly doubt I would paint it.
Because I have spent nothing I feel I don't have as much to lose!
but honestly, I have googled around, and there are
tons of people
who paint their pianos!
&& what a
conversation piece
that baby would be if it were bright red!
or Yellow!
or steel blue!
IT would be AWESOME!

Can you tell I am feeling crafty lately??

I want to paint my office.
I am thinking repainting the walls a stark white,
or making them butter yellow.
&& accenting with orange, yellow, green, and red!

I will probably paint the desks white as well!!
I think it would be fantastic.
So bright and citrus-y. mmm:]I want to do this to my desk with drawers
Except with white paint and ridiculously bright colors.

I also want to silhouette a lamp shade like this

&& paint birds above my door frame&& maybe I will say hello before I even see anyone

Or maybe I will make a wish on a dandelion...

AHH! this house has so much potential && I cannot wait to get started!!!!!!!

Heck! maybe I will put a vinyl on the piano!!


Liz said...

Yay hooray! To my lucky surprise there were 5 new blogs to read today. The heavens are smiling on me! Lucky girl. You know, the first green piano wasn't too bad. Good luck convincing Kyle, have fun shopping, and thatnks for the potato idea. Here goes nothing!

beckaboots said...

That is so amazing! I've never even thought of it but that is going to be so cool if you do all of those things.
What the heck I haven't seen you in like 5 days and I miss everything haha.

Lovely Lady said...

Oh my goodness, I never thought of finding a piano on Craigslist! You guys are amazing! I'm going to search for my new piano now...hahha...I'll give Kyle a call when I find one for him to pick up for me :)