Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I've Been Putting This Off...

Lately I have discovered that when I spend my day on the "blogosphere" I become very depressed very quickly. And so instead, I have filled my days with workouts, pool trips, cleaning, television shows, and a few photo shoots here and there.
But it is probably time that I hop back on this horse and take it for a trot.
Here are some updates..

4th of July weekend I went on my first camping trip with Kyle. His family celebrates this holiday and labor day {memorial day? whichever one is in September} on Mount Graham every year.
There is an amazing old old log cabin there [abe lincoln style its sweet]. We camped up at the top of the hill away from everyone and got teased for being newly weds and "parking so far away" oh well, they're obviously jealous ;] A bear walked by our tent while I was in it. It was terrifying. Jacque got an awesome picture of it. She's such an awesome photographer. I envy her abilities.

I went to my first Diamondbacks game on Friday. I must be good luck, they beat the marlins 8-0 with 2 homeruns and a fireworks show after! I got to see one of my best friends there who I haven't seen since probably January! it was awesome. He has season tickets in the 100s section and kyle and I were gonna sneak down there but we came with friends and kyle thought it would be lame to leave them behind... [I said they could tag along but there were 7 of us total so it wouldve been hard to sneak past security with 7 instead of 2] [[bummer]]

My parents have been spending this month up north. They have hit montpelier Idaho where my grandparents have a summer home, Butte montana where my brother Drew is living with the fabulous Beth! Soon they will be heading towards Mt. Rushmore and then up to Canada! They're crazy.

Drew just announced awesome news this week. While out to dinner with my parents, beth, her mom and her mom's bf... Drew PROPOSED! I'm so excited for them! I love Beth. She really fits in with our family and is absolutely PERFECT for Drew. He just adores her.

Some of you may have noticed a new link on my sidebar. I've been really slow to introduce this out.. I have started a photography blog. I have always enjoyed taking pictures and want to try to take this to the next level. I've done a few photoshoots here and there, nothing big. If you want to check out my skills, hit up ampersand-photography.blogspot.com or click that link on the sidebar. I'm still learning but trying my best. If you like it say so. If you dont, say so. I like constructive criticism because it teaches me what to do better. [I took this picture of my friend Kevin who just left for Rio De Janeiro Brazil this morning for a 2 year long mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.]

I'd like to send out a personal thank you to a good friend who inspired the idea of photography. Thank you Mary Jordan. You showed me anything is possible. I have loved watching you grow into a talented photographer. Thank you for inspiring me and allowing me to follow your guidance and hopefully one day, be as talented as you are.

PS. I am currently obsessed with headbands like this. I recently purchased all 8 of these. Thank you rockstar diaries for showing me the light with AWESOME HEADBANDS!


Merrill and Mary said...

you bought all 8 head bands! I'm so jealous... did it cost you an arm and a leg? I love those.. you'll have to let me borrow on... good luck with photography... you'll do great.

Merrill and Mary said...

what 6 dollars a piece? Seriously... I thought they were like 30... did you just email her and ask? That is so super cheap

of course you can always ask me questions

Tarah said...

Where did you get those headbands? They are super cute!!!