Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I've Come to Despise Blogging

I've come to despise blogging.

Maybe it's because i am selfish and get jealous easily

or maybe because I am lonely
and the internet's connection
just isn't the same as a human connection...
[sorry.. I believe you just saw my father in me. Terrible terrible pun there]

Or maybe it's because I am often intimidated by blogging and those who I follow...

But here's to a fresh start.
To jealousy free blogging.
To lonely free blogging.
To intimidation free blogging
[man, this is starting to sound like those BAN commercials...]
[searched for hours online for the original
and never found one.
Lucky for me I pretty much knew how to copy cat it.
photos via flickr]

It's time I get off my high horse and do this for me.
This is no longer something that everyone else is doing..
this is something that I'm doing.

Now onto less rant more fun....

I have been having loads of fun with my new camera.
[thank you husband again for being awesome and saying
to getting it early]

I've taken good pictures and bad ones.
I am still figuring out how to mess with this bad boy
so if something looks retarded
suck it up.
its called a work in progress ;]

This weekend was full of fun activities.

Barbecues at friends houses
[with everso adorable babies]

I finished editing the pictures for Kaylee and Jeanine.

Designed labels

&& Created legal documents.... giving permission
[thank you lawyer brother in-law.
Your help made it sound so much more professional than my original!]

I am very lucky I have a husband who is patient and kind with me.
We had a discussion last night
that I needed to chill out on the photography at the dinner table
and that the ticking MUST stop..
:[ poo

But I must say.. We did have some delicious treats for FHE that I was able to capture
I brought my camera to the dinner table:]]

Husband and I have started to read Harry Potter together.
Well.. No..
That's a lie.
Let me start again...

I have begun to read Harry Potter to husband..
[yes thats better]
I decided that it was necessary why I was not so much a fan of the Harry Potter no. 6 movie.
[He just didn't understand that Harry was
with that potions book and the curses inside it too!]
So I found it was necessary to welcome him into the world of our favorite wizard,
Mr. Harry James Potter.
Soon he will understand
why people dress up like him,
why girls scream for him,
why people obsess over him!!


Inside A Book said...

You're awesome!

Blog-jealousy is rampant...I know MANY who suffer from it and it really gets them down. Good job to note it in yourself and make decisions to change. That's something that most of us don't do.

I foresee some terrific photos coming our way courtesy of "George", no "Walter", I mean "Jeffrey"!!

Lovely Lady said...

That picture of Kevin and his son is Sweet!! Can't wait to get some of those of our own :) hehehe....don't think of it as free legal advice...think of it as a contribution towards a lifetime of beautiful pictures of very sweet children ;)

We are also dying to know if the Harry Potter Read-A-Long includes a rich British accent for effect?

Rose Red said...

I tried to read twilight to my husband, but he kept making fun of it, so I stopped.

I love your wedding photos, beautiful dress.

greatgoogamooga said...

hmm...I wonder if some people will ever really understand... :P

beckaboots said...

I have come to despise it too I think....And oh my goodness it is so awesome that you did all of those labels and stuff for ampersand and I LOOVVVEE how you did ampersands for the "A"s in ampersand and photography. soooo cute!
and the hubbs and I are not reading but watching HP together :) funny how we both seemed to get in the HP mode at the same time. I re-read all of them with my sister.
I'm glad you've gotten your camera to love and now I am jealous and cannot stand to come take pictures with you until I have my own....haha maybe I can manage until christmas or so.

Domanique said...

I am totally in need of a human connection. I love my husband dearly but I need a friend. Wanna hang out?