Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Namer Namer Namer

I've changed my mind....

his name will be


Or Harvey....

Or Jethro....

I elimminated george because it was boring
and if I spelled it Jorge..
&& it would be HORE-HEY...
BUT I've decided
my camera is American
with european descent
so it just didn't fit
[I do know how to change the language on him
so he could possibly be bilingual...]

I eliminated Geoffrey because I actually like that name
[scratch that I love it]
&& would honestly consider naming a kid that..
&& I can't name a kid Geoffrey if I've already named my camera that!
[That's like giving your friend a nick name,
calling him it for years
and then suddenly deciding to give it to someone else.
It's just not right!]

[Or.. if that analogy is too similar...
it's like ABC gum..
it gets disgusting after the first go around with someone...]

So I went on
and looked at names.
I kept coming back to Walter
So I decided to keep it on the list
While in the G's I ran across Garvy
&& thought, "wow.. what a LAME name!"
But it reminded me of a pretty sweet name
It reminds me of Sabrina the Teenage Witch
[only the best show of the 90's ever!
-I know, I obviously didn't get out much]

While in the J's I fell upon a name that really
off my tongue
again i thought
luhoooser name
but was reminded of an awesomely different and intriguing name
thank you NCIS for such an awesome character with a
as awesome name!

So there's my choices




any of them LAME or LUHOOSER?
But not to me
I adore them

Maybe my camera will get 3 names...
who knows....

we will see what I decide:]

ps- he is a boy.
not a girl.
all of my inanimate objects that are named
are boys.


greatgoogamooga said...

I'm voting for as many names as possible. :D Walter Harvey Jethro Vaterlaus Karges know..for good measure. :)

Catie said...

All mine are boys too! And I'm still naming my first son Jethro. You know I've had that name forever!! And no, no one (including you) will tell him he was named after a camera. Because he won't be. If anything, your camera has been named after my non-existent first son. So HA!!!!!