Friday, January 1, 2010

Best part of 2009

'08 and '09 have been really good years for me. I am almost afraid to let them fall into the past. 2008 was the year I met my husband and my life totally flipped over on itself. By November of '08 I was engaged to be married to (if I do say so myself) the most amazing man on the entire planet. 2009 was another year of wonder and amazement! In February Kyle and I got not only married, but sealed for time and all eternity. '09 has brought challenges and difficulties but also blessings beyond my imagination. I loved 2009 and I am going to miss it. But a wise man (my brother Drew) once told me, that if you expect the first year of marriage to be the best, then you're going to be looking forward to a lot of years of not as awesome.

And so with that, here's to the next best year of my life!

These ornaments are a tradition my mom and I started when I got engaged. It was right at Christmas time so we were lucky to find those year picture frame ornaments:) we put so many engagement pictures in those frames. I think my mom has 20 of her top favorite engagement shots Haha. We gave some to grandparents and (at that time) future inlaws and saved one for Kyle and I. This year out family pictures consist of wedding shots. so I picked out my favorite and added it to our tree:) I hope that over the years as I pull out our ornaments at Christmas time I will ne reminded of all the good times Kyle and I (and our one day in the VERY VERY far future children) had and think of the exciting new adventures that are coming our way!

And so again I say here's to the next best year of my life and may there be many many more like that to come.


Inside A Book said...

I love these ornaments too. I would love to have a tree filled with only them - -a total photo tree. Maybe one that could stay up all year long!?!

Your last two years have been totally incredible!!! I hope that you are writing all of this down!

I love the advice from Drew. He is pretty darn wise...

Here's to many more memories in 2010.

beckaboots said...

So I was looking at all of the blogs that you follow and it's so funny that you follow dawn and laramie's blog! Dawn is the sister of Kendall's sister in law. She actually got into photography through my father in law and she helped take my wedding pictures :) haha